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Miss Duffus

Spanish, French and English as a Second Language Tutor

About me:

Hi! My name is Miss Duffus. I absolutely love languages. I adore teaching them, hearing them and speaking them too. I love to travel and I enjoy sharing my travel experiences in my lessons, to enrich my classes with a touch of culture. 

City and Country:

Portmore, Jamaica.

Spoken languages and dialects:

English is my mother tongue. I also speak Jamaican patois, plus Spanish and French.


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish.

  • Diploma in Education. 

My Tutoring Style:

I teach in very interactive ways, as I do not like to feel like I am talking to myself or teaching myself, so I like to get my students involved. I like giving my students real life scenarios of situations that can happen in a foreign country, by allowing them to imagine themselves in that situation and using the language as if they were in such a situation. 

Target audience: Students (Grades 7 to 11) and adults.

Tutoring experience:

I have been tutoring for at least 11 years.

Work Experience in the field:

I have been teaching since 2013. I got my first teaching job in Colombia, where I taught English. Then, in 2014, I went to France and taught English. I came back to Jamaica and I have been teaching Spanish and French from 2015 up to this date. I am also an entrepreneur, so in my company, I tutor my students Spanish and French.

To work with Miss Duffus, please send us a message to book a 20-minute consultation.

Miss Duffus
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