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How to know if Fluentry is for you:

1. You're just starting! 

So you're ready to start learning French, you've come to the right place! We've launched our beginner's French course that leads with speaking from day 1. This helps our students become fluent faster.

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3. Language Travel!

Language Immersion is one of the best methods to become fluent in your target language. With our partners based in France, Spain, Cuba, Panama, Jamaica and Quebec City, Canada, language lovers can explore a new culture and improve their language skills.

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2. You're stuck! 

You have been learning a new language (French, Spanish and/or English) for some time now and you just can't improve. You know the basics and that's it. We'll help you get to the next step of fluency, not by textbooks or classes, but by way of engaging and interactive workshops and events that will help your growth.

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4. In need of community.

Learning a new language is fun, but not having anyone to practice with? Not so fun. Fluentry has created a community for language lovers to make new friends, practice their target language and help others who would like to learn their language. Attend our events and workshops, and become a part of a growing language lovers community!

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”                                   — Ludwig Wittgenstein

Hi, I'm Attiánna!

Fluentry was born out of my passion for languages and to unite language enthusiasts.

It's time to take language learning outside of the classroom and actually put our knowledge to the test. No more shying away from conversations because you don't have the confidence to speak in your target language. 

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Attiánna Palmer-Powell
Founder & Language Consultant

Quick facts about Attiánna:

Background: Bachelors of Arts in Spanish with a double minor in French and International Relations                             from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. 

Language Experience: 

  • Lived in Lyon, France for seven (7) months as an English Language Assistant for a lycée  and a collège.

  • Completed a Spanish language immersion program in Panamá.

  • Currently, I live in Ottawa, Ontario.

Travel with me:


Lyon, France | 2015


UN HQ, Geneva, Switzerland | 2015


ILERI Panama Spanish School, Panama | 2014


Eiffel Tower, Paris, France | 2016


Villefranche-sur-Saône, France | 2016


Wine Tasting at a Beaujolais Vineyard | 2016


Sitting along the River Seine, Paris, France | 2016


Château de Versailles, PAris, France | 2016


Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona, Spain | 2016

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