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French as a Second Language Tutor

About me:

I am a world traveler passionate about cultural exchange and cross-cultural communication. My journey to fluency in English has made me keenly aware of the adult language acquisition process.

City and Country:  Ottawa, ON, Canada

Spoken languages and dialects:

  • French

  • English

  • Japanese

  • Lingala


  • High school education in Latin and Literature

  • Master's degree in International Development and Law

My Tutoring Style: I employ a variety of resources, ranging from popular songs and YouTube videos to more advanced materials such as scientific research and articles. I integrate elements of cross-cultural understanding to illuminate the historical aspects of the language, particularly in French.

Target audience: 

Tutoring experience: Over 7 years.

To work with Anouchka, please contact us to book a 20-minute intro call.

info@fluentry. ca

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