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French Foundations for Beginners - Cohort 2

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Embark on an exciting linguistic journey with French Foundations, specifically crafted for absolute beginners. 🚀 Course Highlights: 1. No prior French exposure? No problem! Dive into the enchanting world of French without any prerequisites. 2. Career Boost: Seeking a career advancement? French is a powerful asset. This course is designed to enhance your language skills for that coveted job promotion. 3. Conversational focus: From day one students will be speaking French. Doing this will help students develop memory muscle for the language and help their communication skills. 4. Have some experience with French? So you've learnt some French but now you've forgotten the basics. No worries! This course serves as the perfect refresher. Reconnect with the language and rediscover your proficiency. 5. Personalised attention: With a small group of participants, our couse provides an intimate setting thatallows fortailored feedback and targeted support, as well as, maximising your learning experience. 6. Foundation for Success: Lay a robust groundwork for your French language journey. This course is an ideal stepping stone for those aiming for the official DELF/DALF and TEF exams eventually in future. 7. Office hours: The session is over but you're still puzzled on what you just learnt, no worries. Each participant will have 1 office hour a week to discussand revise any topic we just covered. This is to ensure everyone is on the same page. 8. Materials provided: In the fee you will be paying for the course, you will be receiving workbooks, etc to help you on your language learning journey! This course if for you if: 🎯 You're willing to dedicate time to learning/improving your French this year, 🎯 OR you're new to Canada and want to learn one of the official languages, 🎯 OR Learning French would help you professionally. If any of the above sound like you, go ahead and enroll or send me message at if you have any questions! À bientôt, Attiánna

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